BM600 Beading machine for segments of elbows


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BM600 Beading machine for segments of elbows

The intended use of the BM 600 beading machine is to form beads in thin-walled metallic segmental elbows from Ø 80 mm - 600 mm (1000 mm) or special type from Ø 60 mm.

The steel supporting frame of the BM 600 consists of square hollow profiles. On top the frame is mounted a hardened steel plate in the working area in which a wear plate is inserted. The forming rollers protrude vertically from the table-top. The hydraulic power pack stands on the lower profile frame. The switchgear cabinet is mounted laterally at the supporting frame.

All machine functions are controlled by a Siemens plc. The pipe diameter and treatment parameters for the inner and external end of a pipe can be entered via a plain-text screen.

Operation range:
Pipe diameters from 60 mm to 1000 mm. Stepped adjustable rotational speed.

Stainless steel, wall thickness from 0.4 mm to 1 mm.

Ø 80 mm – 600 mm
Ø 60 mm – 600 mm - special

Sheet thicknesses:
Construction steel till 1,2 mm and stainless steel till 1 mm thickness

Mode of operation:
The operator puts the segmental parts in the working position. By pressing the foot-operated switch the automatically changing working of the inner and external part is started. The next type of treatment is signalled by two indicator lights at the switchgear cabinet. The plc was programmed in a way that only the new value has to be entered to change the diameter. The parameters for treating the inner and external part will be adjusted automatically. The time for treating a segmental element of 100mm diameter is approximately 6 to 8 seconds. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the fit of the parts (that is loose or tight ) variably.

Versions / Options:

> BM600 Clamp insert table