RS500 Roll shears


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RS500 Roll shears for pipes

The roll shears RS 500 were developed to cut thin walled pipes. For example chimney pipes, ventilation, rainfall pipes etc. This is not a rebuilt forming machine but a special construction meeting the high requirements of cutting with strength and precision. Typical applications of uses are cutting of defectively welded pipes and producing accumate cut to length pieces. The advantage of cut to length pipes in contrast to pipes which are welded in the requested length, is shorter manufacturing time and reduced risk of splitting during expansion operation of pipe ends.

Standard options:

  • Precision cut knives made highly alloyed tool steel for clean cuts and long life.
  • Knife mountings with defined pre-clamped bevel roll bearing pairs for high strength and constant cut gap.
  • Hydraulic movement of the upper knife for a faster and ergonomic working.
  • Direct power transport to the hydraulic piston onto the upper knife prevents bending of the shaft and changing of the cut gap.
  • The rear stop can easily be adjusted with a measurement scale for a quick length adjustment.
  • "Pulling guiding rolls" at the rear stop facilitate the handling during cutting.
  • Easily adjustable knife cover for low pipe derformation.
  • Precision cut gap adjustment device with measuring meter for adjustments that
  • can be reproduced with ease.
  • Chromium-plated lower arm prevents contamination of the Inox-pipes.
  • Machine has forklift access making an easy change of location possible.
  • If requested, speed control revolution counter via frequency drive.

Versions / Options:

> RS500 with digital readout for the cutting length

Technical Data

Metal sheet thickness maximum 1 mm stainless
other materials on request
Pipe diameter 80 – 630mm
other diameters on request
max. piece length to be cut 540 mm
other lengths on request
Hydraulic motor 0,25 kW
Cutting motor 0,55 KW (motor with gearbox)
Electrical requirement 400 V, 3AC, 16 A
Mass approx. 280 kg
Certification CE