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TSK 600 Trapezium Forming Machine Automatic

The deep-beading machine TSK 600 is available with an additional construction for automatic operation. The operator must only insert a pipe and subsequently start the automatic operation for making the bead.

Built-on construction:
The additional construction consists of a linear guide rail with two spherically seated carriages on which pipe guides are seated. A pipe is held through the guides by means of two self-centering outer rollers and one travel-controlled lower roller each. Both pipe guides are driven automatically when moving toward the machine and back to their initial position.

Operational sequence:
The operator inserts a pipe into the guides and presses the foot-operated switch. By that the guides are moved towards the machine over a distance of 160 mm. Once they have reached the position for working, the lower rollers of the pipe guides move downward by 5 mm.
Then the beading starts.
After this operation the upper tool moves upwards and the pipe is lifted through the lower guide rollers by 5 mm. Then the pipe is guides move back to their initial position over the distance of 160 mm and the pipe can be taken out. Through lifting the pipe by the rollers it is avoided that a pipe may bump against the lower tool or get stuck in the machine.

All machine functions are controlled by a Siemens plc. The beading time can be entered via a touch-sensitive screen (touch panel) or saved via the ´teach-in´ function of the machine. To do this, the operator must manually make the first pipe of a series production himself. The following pipes will be treated automatically in the same way.

Technical Data

Wall thickness Up to 2 mm in case of aluminium
Up to 2 mm in case of stainless steel
Pipe diameters 60 - 600 mm
Pipe length From 100 mm
Beading depth Up to 6 mm, steplessly adjustable,
referring to the radius
Cycle time Approx. 4 up to 6 seconds at Ø 130 mm
Equipment Steplessly adjustable motor drive
Flow rate regulator valve for operating stroke adjustment
Rapid traverse changeover
Dial indicator for beading depth (resolution: 0.01 mm)
Supply connection 400 V, 3 AC, 16 A
Mass approx. 270 kg
Marking CE