W6 Widen machine with options


W6 with step program

W6 with small expansion head

W6 with reducer expansion head

W6 Turn table

W6 with turn table and push cylinders with magnetic bases + TSK600

W6 with rotating expansion head

W6 with UD Upside Down expansion head

W6 with high expansion head with adjustable table

W6 Special expansion head for end caps

D100 H480 Expansion head with overlength

Special expansion head increased for long oval tubes 500 mm

W6 High–performance widen machine

The high-performance expansion machine W6 serves for the quick and precise, one-sided expansion of thin-walled metal pipes (chimney pipes, drain pipes, ventilation pipes etc.)

The high-performance wide machine W6 convinces by a number of technical performance characteristics:

  • 6-fold split tools, thus a smaller gab and a better roundness of the sleeves in contrast to 4-fold split tools.
  • Hard plastic wide jaws prevent a later corrosion as a welding of ferric material in case of high-grade steel pipes does not take place. Besides, these wide jaws provide an enormous handling advantage in case of wide diameters due to approx. 85 % weight saving compared to steel jaws. A set of wide jaws with a diameter of 600 mm out of steel weighs approx. 135 kg, a plastic expansion tool approx. 30 kg
  • Sets of wide jaws which are held together by means of spring elements can easily be changed and need not be reset by hand after having been widened.
  • From 300 mm jaws diameter on, grip plates with integrated pull back springs are available.
  • Range of operation standard: diameter 60 up to 1.200 mm, special versions can be delivered.
  • Due to the revolving release handle the machine can be served from three sides. The conventional pedal switch which is often located at places where it is not needed or cannot be reached thus is omitted.
  • The expansion unit can be tilted on both sides by over 90 degrees and can be adjusted in the height from 570 mm to 855 mm. A gas spring support keeps the balance at any time.
  • The adjustment of the expansion stroke takes place by adjusting of a wear-resistant sensor according to range with mm-division. Because of that it is possible to reproduce at any time adjusted strokes without test widening.
  • Digital displays and touch panels can be delivered as an option.
  • For the touch panels are different programs available, as memory programs or step programs.
  • The material support is provided with a bayonet joint and can be easily exchanged by hand with a different size. (Standard plates up to a size of 350 mm pipe diameter)
  • A second, smaller expansion unit covers the diameter area of 60 to 120 mm. It can be mounted by a few mechanical jobs.
  • The user can choose between two operating modes:
  • 1.repeat operation or 2. single operation.
  • In the single operation mode the hydraulic pump is switched off after each expansion process and thus reduces energy consumption and noise emissions.
  • The hydraulic pump is user-friendly stored on slide bars and can easily be pulled out tothe back.
  • Due to the extremely easily running chassis and the non pedal switch it is possible to easily move the machine.

Versions / Options:

> W6 with special expansion tool for elliptic pipes

> W6 with down holder for reducer pieces

> W6 with 1250 mm table

> W6 with touch panel

> W6 with storage

> W6 Turn table

> W6 with rotating expansion head

> W6 with UD Upside Down expansion head

> W6 with digital display

> W6 standard

> W6 Expansion heads

Technical Data

Metal sheet strength 0,4 to 2,0 mm, V2A and V4A
Pipe diameter 113 up to 1.200 mm (60 to 100 mm)
Converting length 10 to 100 mm
Expansion stroke 0 to 18 mm, infinitely variable, sensory control
Special heads with more expansion stroke, or higher heads available on request
Processing duration ~ 1 second
Hydraulic motor 2,2 up to 4,0 kilowatt
Charging height 570 up to 855 mm
Angle of inclination of the processing head 2 x > 90 degrees
Net connection 3 x 400 volt, ~ 16 ampere
Measurements 1.100 x 750 x 850 mm