W6E Reduction machine


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Examples of tube shapes

W6E Hydraulic operated reduction machine for pipe ends

Hydraulically operated reduction machine with 12 segment blocks for the precise reducing of pipe ends.

Solid supporting machine frame consisting of steel hollow profiles.
The reduction machine was developed on the basis of the expanding machine W6.

Reduction machine:

  • High-performance expanding machine W6 with reduction head,
  • 12-segments sectionalized, nominal diameter 40-300 with support on the machine,
  • incl. stronger hydraulic cylinder,
  • Touch Panel and Siemens plc.,
  • incl. Step-by-step program for pulling-in in variable steps
  • 12-segments reduction tools of hardened steel: 1 for each outer diameter between 120mm - 300mm

If you use thin-wall material under 1mm, you need:

  • 1 spring housing
  • 1 press block for a thin wall – per reduction tool

Technical Data

Pipe diameter 40 mm – 300 mm (standard)
40 mm – 400 mm (special)
Wall thickness 0,4 mm – 2 mm ( optional 3mm )
Reducing stroke 0 – 17 mm (diameter)
Machining length 10 mm – 70 mm (optional: 100 mm)
Tools 12-fold sectionalized tool. For each diameter a tool set is required
Tool change By quick change tooling. The use of screws is not