DW825 Automatic

DW825 Automatic double expansion machine

The automatic double expansion machine is available in
different configuration levels.

1. The standard machine with inserting and removing of the tubes by hand.

2. The standard machine with buffering table and extractor. The operator puts the tubes by hand into the machine, the machine expands the tube at both sides and puts it on the buffering table.
If the table is full, the control stops the further processing.
The standard length of the table is 2m.

Working process for both versions:
The process on both sides with different adjustable expansion strokes.
After the expansion, the heads are going back to a programmable position, swings by 30° and expands the tube again.
All settings are entered into a Siemens touch-panel, which is connected with a Siemens S7 PLC.
The working time without transport is about 8 sec. The cycle time with transport is about 12 sec.
The tools are kept together with o-rings, like the tools of the W6 and do not need to be fixed with screws.
We can also build the machine up to tube diameter 400mm.

Technical Data

Pipe Diameter 60 mm - 250 mm (standard)
60 mm - 400 mm (other diameters on request)
Wall thickness 0,3 – 1,5 mm
Pipe length 320 - 1100 mm
Cycle time ~ 8 sec.